” Nomadicity : The territory through many angles” is a virtual cartography. Found “pieces” that are shaping our territory are being posted, almost every day. Topics such as Urbanism, Architecture, Design, Art. From time to time also events and open calls from around the world are posted. Nomadicity is part of The Nomad Network.

About the author: Evangelina Guerra Lujan is Founder and Director of The Nomad Network and OTUN Studio and was recently announced as the new director of the Urbanism and Public Space Design Department at Consorcio de Empresas de Ingeniería S.A. de C.V. , one of Mexico´s most prestigious company in the Urban Hydrahulic Infraestructure sector.

Her work has been published in various on-line and printed media such as Arquine Magazine, Quaderns , Entre Líneas , Orwellian (limited edition fanzine published by DPR Barcelona for Apple Store, Barcelona), MAS Context, Archdaily ,among others.

Evangelina is insatiably curious. Loves learning, books and nomadism.

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The wizard of Oz (1939)
“Welcome to our Repetition issue. Through eighteen contributions we immerse into a world of monotony, variation, experimentation, replicas, strategies, simulations, imperfections, and routines. We do so in long and short essays, photo essays, interviews, videos, manifestos, and projects. A combination of contributions that question, embrace, and ultimately work with the topic at hand. On top of the varied format of our contributions you will find another aspect added to the mix. Each contribution is uniquely interpreted by a designer based in Chicago, all under the creative direction of Rick Valicenti and Bud Rodecker from Thirst. A specific identity for each contribution that makes up an issue on repetition. We had fun adding even more variation to the topic. In the end, repetition does not have to be boring.
Contributions by Michelle Benoit, Bianca Bosker, Edward Burtynsky, Livia Corona Benjamin, Panos Dragonas, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, José García Soriano, Iker Gil, James Goggin, Sarah Hirschman, Carmen López Albert, Sergio Lopez-Pineiro, Claude Nicollier, Clara Olóriz Sanjuán, Project_, Roberto Soundy, Patrick Sykes, Neyran Turan, Lyndon Valicenti, Rick Valicenti, and Camilo José Vergara.
Articles designed by Nick Adam, Lauren Ayers, Jeremiah Chiu, Renata Graw, Jinhwan Kim, Jennifer Mahanay, Dan Marsden, Jason Pickleman, Scott Reinhard, Michael Renaud, Bud Rodecker, Isaac Tobin, Rick Valicenti, Katherine Walker, Beth Weaver, and Magdalena Wistuba. Cover photography by Ross Floyd.” MAS Context 
Querido Estambul, tenemos que hablar | Revista Arquine No.67 | Habla ciudad

The War Rooms, St. James’s Park by Ned Scott
@90X60 que forma parte de Archi Zines y#Kukuruchos se unen para traer #Archizines a Guadalajara, México. #ArchizinesGDL
Conferencia: @SOMOSMEXASViernes 28 de marzo, 1:00 pm. Acceso libreSUM_ Salón de usos multiples PrepTEC
Rem Koolhaas zur Venice Biennale 2014:
How architecture has absorbed modernity

Vorlesung von Rem Koolhaas (Architekt, Kurator 14. Architekturbiennale, Pritzker-Preisträger und Gründer Architekturbüro OMA).
Im Anschluss Stephan Trüby (Architekt und Leiter MAS Spatial Design, ZHdK) im Gespräch mit Michael Schindhelm (Autor und internationaler Kulturberater).
Veranstaltung in Englisch.

Montag, 7. April 2014, 18 Uhr
Theater der Künste, Bühne A, Gessnerallee 9, 8001 Zürich
Eintritt frei. Um Reservationen wird gebeten (beschränkte Platzzahl) +41 43 446 53 66 oder info.theater@zhdk.ch

 Weitere Infos unter: www.zhdk.ch/lecturesonglobalculture


Rem Koolhaas for Venice Biennale 2014: 
How Has architecture absorbed modernity 
Lecture by Rem Koolhaas (architect, curator 14th Biennale of Architecture, Pritzker Prize winner and founder of OMA). 
Following Stephan Truby (architect and director of MAS Spatial Design, ZHdK) in conversation with Michael Schindhelm (Author and international cultural consultant). 
Event in English. 
Monday 7 April 2014, 18 clock 
Theater of the Arts, Stage A, Gessner Allee 9, 8001 Zurich 
Admission free. In order reservations are requested (limited places) +41 43 446 53 66 or info.theater @ zhdk.ch 
Sam Jacob
What I Talk About When I Talk About Architecture

Thursday, 24.4.201419 hDepot WienBreite Gasse 31070 Vienna 
We shape architecture and in turn architecture shapes us. What I Talk About When I Talk About Architecture is a talk about this relationship. It explores how architecture is both a physical and cultural project, how it is both a fiction and a reality, an idea and a thing. Though a range of Sam’s work - architecture, design, criticism and curation - the talk will explore our relationship to architecture and architecture’s relationship to us.

Sam Jacob is an architect and critic. He was co-founder of FAT, is Professor of Architecture at UIC, Chicago, Director of Night School at the Architectural Association in London and a columnist for Dezeen and Art Review and contributing editor to Icon. He is currently co-curating the British Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale.

Ethel Baraona Pohl
Post-Welfare City

Monday, 5.5.201419 hDepot WienBreite Gasse 31070 Vienna 

This talk will explore the possibilities of relational post-capitalist cities and the [lack of] money, focusing in the new ways of production and new technologies to implement small-scale designs that can be catalyst for larger-scale impact. Can innovative economic models and tools such as crowdfunding, and cryptocurrencies affect and transform the role of the architect? How can new practices deal with large uncertainties and immaterial labour translated in precarious work in new urban context? How to transform this dizzying abundance of alternative projects to provoke real structural changes?

Ethel Baraona Pohl. Critic, writer and curator. Co-founder of the independent publishing house dpr-barcelona. Her [net]work is a real hub linking several publications and actors on architecture and theory. Associate curator of Adhocracy and co-curator of the Think Space program 2013-14 on the theme of “Money”.
“ Fundamentals will host three additional events - Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014, Elements of Architecture, Monditalia - that shed light on the past, the present and the future of our discipline. After several biennials devoted to the celebration of contemporary Fundamentals will focus on the story, with the intent to investigate the current state of the architecture, and imagine its future. “
" Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014 is an invitation to the national pavilions that will show, each in their own way, the process of annulment of national characteristics, for the almost universal adoption of a single language and a single modern repertoire of types. But the transition to what seems to be a universal architectural language is a more complex process than is usually recognized, since it involves significant encounters between cultures, inventions, techniques and ways imperceptible to remain ‘national’. “
" Elements of Architecture, at the Central Pavilion, it will focus on the fundamental elements of our buildings, used by each architect, in every time and in every place: floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, doors, windows, facades, balconies, hallways, fireplaces services, stairs, escalators, elevators, ramps … “
" Monditalia  Arsenal assigns a specific theme - Italy - with exhibitions, performances and events that will affect the architecture, politics, economics, religion, technology and industry. The other areas of the Venice Biennale - Cinema, Dance, Music and Theatre - will be involved to assist in the representation of the country. “
• "Biennale Sessions," the project for the University
For the fifth year in a row, and after the success of previous editions, the Biennale also proposed for 14. Show the project “Biennale Sessions “ aimed at universities, academies of fine arts, research and training institutions in the field of architecture, visual arts and related fields. The project aims to facilitate the visit of the exhibition for groups of at least 50 students and teachers who are assisted with travel and living room. They will organize seminars in a space made ​​available free of charge from the Biennale . To date they have already signed the Memorandum of Understanding 47international institutions.
• "Meetings on Architecture ”
This year, the “Meetings on Architecture” organized by the Biennale enrich the special program " Weekend Specials “ , conceived as an integral part of the section Monditalia : lectures, workshops, performances and discussions will be held during the six months of Mostra.È expected in the month of October 3. International Conference “Archives and Exhibitions” .

taken from http://www.labiennale.org/it/architettura/mostra/14mia/ 
Elements of Architecture

Padiglione Centrale
Rem Koolhaas
Harvard Graduate School of Design
Stephan Trueby
Manfredo di Robilant
Tom Avermaete con TU Delft
Claudi Cornaz
Keller Easterling
Università IUAV di Venezia
MIT SENSEable Cities Lab
Friedrich Mielke Institut für Scalalogie
Claude Parent
Alejandro Zaera Polo con Princeton 
Davide Rapp          
Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture
Wolfgang Tillmans
Hans Werlemann