” Nomadicity : The territory through many angles” is a virtual cartography. Found “pieces” that are shaping our territory are being posted, almost every day. Topics such as Urbanism, Architecture, Design, Art. From time to time also events and open calls from around the world are posted. Nomadicity is part of The Nomad Network.
  1. Recently DPR-Barcelona shared with me a new project:"Weaponized Architecture. The Impossibility of Innocenceby Léopold Lambert (editor of the daily architectural platform "The Funambulist | Architectural Narratives”). 

    Weaponized Architecture is an examination of the inherent instrumentalization of architecture as a political weapon; research informs the development of a project which, rather than defusing these characteristics, attempts to integrate them within the scene of a political struggle. The proposed project dramatizes, through its architecture, a Palestinian disobedience to the colonial legislation imposed on its legal territory. 




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