” Nomadicity : The territory through many angles” is a virtual cartography. Found “pieces” that are shaping our territory are being posted, almost every day. Topics such as Urbanism, Architecture, Design, Art. From time to time also events and open calls from around the world are posted. Nomadicity is part of The Nomad Network.

About the author: Evangelina Guerra Lujan is Founder and Director of The Nomad Network and OTUN Studio and was recently announced as the new director of the Urbanism and Public Space Design Department at Consorcio de Empresas de Ingeniería S.A. de C.V. , one of Mexico´s most prestigious company in the Urban Hydrahulic Infraestructure sector.

Her work has been published in various on-line and printed media such as Arquine Magazine, Quaderns , Entre Líneas , Orwellian (limited edition fanzine published by DPR Barcelona for Apple Store, Barcelona), MAS Context, Archdaily ,among others.

Evangelina is insatiably curious. Loves learning, books and nomadism.

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    Going Viral, Collective Architecture

       Going Viral is the culmination of a collaborative programme of work done  by artist and scientist. A team undertaken by 5 artist, 1 architect and 4 immunologists, through their joint exploration of key functions of human body immune system, have culminated their work in an exhibition in the Glasgow Science Centre consider, question, interpret and present the results of this  collaboration.  Collective Architecture presents an installation  to function as a ‘host body’, framing and embodying the collaborative processes shared between  artist and scientist.
       Going Viral es la culminación de un programa colaborativo de trabajo realizado entre artistas y científicos. Un equipo formado por 5 artistas, 1 arquitecto y 4 inmunólogos, que a través de una colaboración conjunta en la exploración de los procesos inmunológicos del cuerpo humano, ha culminado su trabajo en esta exposición en el Glasgow Science Centre que considera, pregunta, interpreta y presenta los resultados de esta colaboración. Collective Architecture presenta una instalación que hace de pieza principal de la exposición, estructurando y aúnando los procesos colaborativos compartidos entre artistas y cientificos. 

    Título de Postgrado en Instalaciones Efímeras

    Mas información en: www.instalacionesefimeras.com 

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